Fashion Challenge

Hey everyone! So today’s blog post is a little different because I asked you guys on my instagram story to give me some general scenarios eg. Coachella that I could style an outfit for! This blog post is totally inspired by Freddys youtube video called the 2 minute wardrobe challenge or something along the lines of that, you should definitely watch it!

1. First Date

This was such a cute idea! So I opted for one of my fave dresses, it’s almost babydoll style with a black collar and lots of holographic sparkles. In addition to this I wore my Dune little black heels and I used my favourite Fiorella black bag!

2. Fancy Dinner

For this, I didn’t want to have something too much but I remembered about this Ted Baker dress I’ve had for a few years now. I paired the dress with some nude pointed kitten heels because I didn’t want the heels to take away from the dress.

3. Wedding

I assumed I was attending someone elses wedding not my own as I don’t have anything that could constitute as a wedding dress haha. So, for this I opted for another of my Ted Baker dresses, its longer than the other one and slightly tight across the chest (clearly things have changed since I was 11) and I paired this with the same nude kitten heels because I wanted the dress to be the main focus.

4. A Festival

Whilst this was a really fun scenario it also made me realise how unprepared I would be for a festival! I really made this up by using a new neon green bikini top and bottoms along with this scarf that I used as a leopard wrap skirt. I didn’t match any shoes with these but I’m guessing you could just go for some sandals or flip flops?

5. A Picnic

I loved this one because it makes me think of my plans for summer with my friends. However, yet again I realised I need to get my summer clothes out because I have no tops that are really ‘suitable’ for a picnic in my winter wardrobe! For this I used a knitted top and a fake leather skirt to create a pink, spring vibe along with my jewelled heel shoes from Dune.

And there you have it! My take on the fashion scenario challenge!! I really hope you enjoyed this and don’t forget to comment and like it!!

Logging off, Millie xx

Fashion Design: Q & A

Hello everyone! Today’s blog post is going to be a fashion design Q and A! I recently went onto my instagram stories and asked you guys to ask me some questions about my fashion design journey. You guys certainly smashed it, so lets get onto the questions!

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How I Get My Inspiration – My Favourite Fashion Designers

Hello lovelies! Today I’m going to be sharing my 5 most favourite fashion designers! I often get asked who and where I get inspiration and if I’m honest – Pinterest is the way to go! I’ll link my design inspiration board out here if you’re interested in what inspires me.

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Starting My Sustainable Journey

Hello lovelies! Today I wanted to share with you how, as a fashion designer, I’m trying to become more sustainable within my creation of clothes and the buying of clothes. I’ve been aware of sustainable issues and the fashion industry for as long as I can remember but I really want to become more aware about issues in the fashion design industry.

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