A Change Of Heart

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well, I know that lockdown restrictions are slowly getting lifted here in the U.K so I’m sure you’re enjoying some more freedom! Today I want to share some changes I am making…

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It’s Time For A Change

Hello lovelies! So today I actually wanted to address something that’s been on my mind with this blog.

Since beginning it I’ve felt like I’ve been putting myself in a box of what my content can be because of my fashion design and fashion niche. However, in the past few weeks I’ve realised that I can make this blog fun and full of fashion design challenges aswell as fashion challenges!

I know in my heart that I want my blog to be a collective space representative of me and my personality and at the moment I feel like it’s really lacking that! I’ve always had this idea that being a fashion design vlog means I can’t have fun and it’s got to always be about what I’m sewing. Now, I realise this can be a place for more than just what is currently under a needle.

So, over the next few weeks, expect more interesting and exciting fashion design content, expect more professional blog posts. I want this blog to have as much effort as my youtube and instagram have put into them. I hope you’re safe and I hope you are looking forward to the positive change taking place on the blog.

Logging off, Millie xx


Starting My Sustainable Journey

Hello lovelies! Today I wanted to share with you how, as a fashion designer, I’m trying to become more sustainable within my creation of clothes and the buying of clothes. I’ve been aware of sustainable issues and the fashion industry for as long as I can remember but I really want to become more aware about issues in the fashion design industry.

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