Let’s talk about sewing!

Hey lovelies! If you’re back here after reading my first blog post then thank you for sticking with me! So today I thought we could talk about sewing since I don’t really have a project to share with you at the moment hehe.

Let’s firstly talk about my sewing skils, they’re pretty minimal. I take textiles and I’ve learnt so much but I’ve not had that much experience so I’m still just taking in the basics. There’s so many technicalities that come with sewing and designing which most people don’t know or realise. I sew around 2 times a week at school and I’m trying to spend more time at home getting more experience.


Secondly, my sewing machine. I got my sewing machine for Christmas 2018 and oh my gosh I love it! It’s a Janome 7025 and I literally cannot describe how good it is. When looking for a sewing machine I really couldn’t decide but as soon as I saw this model I knew it was the one. I personally wanted a machine that was pretty simple but had some extra components that my schools sewing machines didn’t have.

I guess that finally, I want to talk about my sewing goals. Since being a fashion-designer is something I want to pursue as a career, it is absolutely vital for me to have sewing skills that are exceptional. I want to mainly keep working on my skills until I can sew to a level that I am happy with. It might take a lot of work but it’d also mean the world to me to be able to have a skillset similar to some of the best designers in the world. The only way to succeed is to pursue and so I’m pursuing my dreams.

Logging off, Millie xx


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about sewing!

  1. My mum was a very valuable figure in teaching me how to sew and knit. Though my 8-year-old self thought is was ‘granny like’ to practise these hobbies, now I look back I’m so glad I was made to do them! I absolutely love sewing and have started a bit of a scrunchie business to raise money for charity. With a good sewing machine (like the one you have!) I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it soon. Practising twice a week will prove a valuable habit too! x


  2. Love that you’re into something different than just the usual! I used to take textiles back in year eight when we were trialling electives and always enjoyed it. It’s so much fun to make little things here and there!


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