How Clothes Have Shaped Me

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to give you something a little different in comparison to my previous posts. I know I’m always talking about clothes and fashion etc, but I wanted to talk about why I want to go into fashion and how clothes have shaped me as a person.

I want to start with the earlier parts of my life because I believe my parents have had a massive influence on the way I dress. My Mum used to describe me as her ‘dress up doll’ because she used to love doing my hair, choosing nice clothes for me, etc. My love of clothes really began with her.


As you can see, my outfits as a child were rather eccentric and over the top. I always loved dressing up and trying on clothes that were bright, colourful and fun. I guess that without my Mum, I could have been dressing very differently and going down a very different path in terms of career choices.

Moving on, as I became more aware of clothes and their impact on me I used them to create and convey the emotions I was feeling. I began to experiment with the clothes and allow them to create and shape my personality. I was around 5 or 6 at this time and that’s when I decided that I wanted to be a fashion designer. Funny how things haven’t changed over time haha!


Then came high school… For the first couple of years I really lost myself in terms of style because I was following the ‘popular’ look. Let me just clarify that the popular look at the time was black leggings with cropped hoodies – oh dear. So I begged my Mum to buy me some and wore those for some time. However, I soon returned to my own style of dressing and non-school uniform days become more of a game for me than a day to be comfy.

Now, I’m still gaining confidence in what I wear and I’m still trying new things. With the help of my Mum still by my side assuring me, I’m expressing myself through my clothes. Let me just say, it’s not easy. Non-school uniform days are a day where I get a lot of negative comments, side glances and whispers. I even had one person say to me once that I “look horrible”. The truth is, people are always going to make fun of you, tease you for things and you just have to keep moving on. I know sometimes that’s easier said than done but it’s okay, you’re strong.


So what have I learnt in my 15 years of clothes? Use them to show self love, self expression and confidence. Without the use of clothes to express myself I would be a very very different person today and I’m so grateful that I’ve had the privelage to express myself through clothes as I know this isn’t a possibility for everyone in the world.

Logging off, Millie xx

4 thoughts on “How Clothes Have Shaped Me

  1. This is such an interesting post, very different to what usually comes up in my reader! Loved reading, though. I’ve never been into fashion and I live in my oversized hoodies and leggings. Perhaps one day I’ll have the confidence to wear beautiful outfits like you! The photos were so cute, by the way. Have a great evening Millie 🙂


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