How I Get My Inspiration – My Favourite Fashion Designers

Hello lovelies! Today I’m going to be sharing my 5 most favourite fashion designers! I often get asked who and where I get inspiration and if I’m honest – Pinterest is the way to go! I’ll link my design inspiration board out here if you’re interested in what inspires me.

5. Giambattista Valli 

Valli is known for so many amazing dresses over the past couple of years. In particular, Ariana Grande’s dress at the Grammys 2020! Over the top tulle, frills and ginormas ballgowns are his style and I can’t complain. Each dress is equally unique and truly awe-inspiring for even the least creative individual.


4. Mihano Momosa (Mihailo Anušić)

Mihailo Anušić is the designer behind the brand ‘Mihano Momosa’ which I’ve been following on instagram for at least a year. Anušić designs outfits that are truly beautiful and so so colourful. His clothes are a breath of fresh air in a industry where clothes become old news very quickly.


3. Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel)

Sadly, we lost Lagerfeld to cancer last year in 2019 and the world was truly devestated. Lagerfeld was a design genius and he managed to create his own name whilst still retaining the original styles of Coco Chanel. He created some of the most iconic fashion looks of all time and kept each season as good as the next. His runway shows were also spectacular, he even created a Chanel supermarket once!


2. Tamara Ralph (Ralph and Russo)

I first discovered Ralph and Russo around 3 years ago along with their ‘Eden Heel‘ I was mesmerised – I looked at the runway shows and fell in love with the brand all together. Colourful, fun, bright – Ralph’s designs aren’t something to be taken for granted. Each show has me hooked and smiling, it’s hard to find a designer who makes you smile like that! 


1. Zuhair Murad

Along with Ralph and Russo, I discovered Zuhair Murad. Murad was the first designer I really connected with and his designs moved me. Each dress, top, pair of trousers had me inspired. To this day, I love this brand with all my heart and I’m honoured to have found them. Murad is truly a one of a kind designer and I know I won’t be forgetting his designs anytime soon.


Thank you guys so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed hearing more about where I get inspiration from!

Logging off, Millie xx

5 thoughts on “How I Get My Inspiration – My Favourite Fashion Designers

  1. I’ve never been into fashion but this post still really interests me! The process of making clothes, dresses especially, is so fascinating and I could honestly watch it all day. When I was about 7 I used to love dressing up and getting all fancy… I’ve lost that now but I still find great satisfaction in seeing other people put outfits together! Great post Millie 🙂

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