Starting My Sustainable Journey

Hello lovelies! Today I wanted to share with you how, as a fashion designer, I’m trying to become more sustainable within my creation of clothes and the buying of clothes. I’ve been aware of sustainable issues and the fashion industry for as long as I can remember but I really want to become more aware about issues in the fashion design industry.

Since the climate change movement a few years ago sustainability wasn’t really mainstream in the fashion industry. Though the fashion industry knew the damage, it tended to be overlooked by many people. However, since the movement people are becoming much more eco-aware and this has allowed for some amazing creations in terms of fabrics.

Pineapples? How do they relate to fabric? Would you believe me if I said that you can make vegan leather out of pineapple leaves? Neither would I! It is true however that many companies are discovering this sustainable vegan, leather alternative that really is about as natural as it can be! Another fabric we all know and love yet choose to ignore, cotton! Cotton is a wonderfully sustainable fabric, providing it is grown organically.

So how can I contribute to the climate change movement? Stop buying fast fashion. As hard as it is (I’ve not even come close to doing that) thrifting, buying from amazing sustainable brands are still options. If that’s still not going to work for you then try cutting down on the amount of clothes you’re buying!

Finally, I want to talk to you about the app and website good on you! This app and website allows you to get an insight into most brands and see how sustainable they really are! I love this app because it really makes me think about what and where I am buying items from!

I hope you all liked this blog post, I know it was a little random but I thought it was the time we should really be thinking about stuff like this!

Logging off, Millie xx

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