Planning The Perfect Picnic

Hello everyone! Today’s collab is with the lovely Megan! Make sure to check out her post here and her blog here. We’re talking about planning the perfect picnic, so let’s get on with it!

Firstly, I decided I was going to have my picnic in the local park. This meant that I had to figure out how I was transporting all my bits and bobs to the park. I decided to walk there and so took a backpack with me to carry all of my items.

Secondly, the guest list. Since we were only allowed 6 people we had to narrow down. This meant that not everyone from the friend group could come which was so sad. Luckily though, we made plans to meet up with them in the near future.

After the guest list had been sorted it was time to figure out what we were eating. I offered to bring biscuits whilst another friend wanted to make a cake! I used Pinterest to scout down some yummy recipes for our perfect picnic.

Finally, the day came and all was ready. We agreed to meet around 1 and I walked with a couple of people who lived nearby. The food was packed, the picnic was planned, board games were brought.

Was it the perfect picnic? No doubt about it, it definitely was.

Logging off, Millie x

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