Top Tips For Shopping Sustainably

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be sharing my top tips on shopping sustainably with you all! I know that during lockdown it hasn’t been the easiest to shop sustainably or second-hand as money is tight on some ends and second hand just doesn’t feel sanitary. I’m here to share some tips that I use to ground myself when it comes to shopping sustainably.

Do I Really Need It?

Sure, posting haul videos on Youtube are fun and stuff. That is, until you look past how trendy the clothes are and think about the journey they’ve had. Clothes wear and tear, sometimes past the point of revival. That’s totally normal. Before you buy a large haul of clothes, really think about if you need those. Don’t just buy clothes because seeing that package makes you happy.

If you are in the shopping mood, try doing it second-hand. Depop is such a great online store if you can’t buy new clothes and thrift-flipping is always such fun!

Don’t Be Fooled By Greenwashing

Greenwashing is when products or brands are made to look more sustainable than they are. For example, H&M’s new ‘sustainable’ collection. Sure the dress might be made out of cotton, but we don’t know if it’s organic cotton and what kind of dyes are used! The way the products are marketed makes them look like the brand has changed to making sustainable products. The amount of cotton dresses they will produce makes it completely unsustainable.

I’m all for fast fashion brands making a change but, that doesn’t mean they can fake their sustainability and gain new customers. Nothing has changed, not really.

Revive Those Old Clothes

When buying, think about what you already have. Is there stuff that is too small or not the right style that you could possibly thrift flip? It sounds daunting but it’s actually very fun!

If that isn’t up your street, donate your clothes or sell them on Depop! I always donate old clothes to the charity because I want to give people a chance to love my clothes as much as I loved them. I’ve never used Depop but I know it’s highly popular and you can definitely find some bargains on there!


Buying sustainably is SO expensive! It’s also super overwhelming to try and buy sustainably 24/7. Buying fast fashion and also buying sustainably is still awesome! Changing half of your shopping habits is still helpful and still helps to support the planet and it’s quickly evolving situation

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and managed to find some interesting tips on how to shop sustainably! It”s not easy in any way, shape or form so please try not to feel to guilty, just take action. I also know that money isn’t endless and buying new sustainable clothes costs a lot. That’s why charity / thrift shops are so good!

Logging off, Millie x

3 thoughts on “Top Tips For Shopping Sustainably

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post especially as I am trying to change how I shop. At the moment I am really just focusing on tip 1 and only buying stuff I need! I’m also tring to re-style some old clothes that are way too small to avoid buying new stuff! You are such an inspiration! Sending love, meg xx

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