5 Easy Sustainable Swaps To Make In Your Skincare Routine | Collaboration With Kitty Jade

Hello everyone! Today’s blog post is actually a collab with Kitty Jade, also known as Erin! She has an amazing blog and I’ve written a blog post for her environmental series she’s created!

These are all recommendations, so please listen to your doctor/pharmacist over me. If you require certain products for your skin based on prescriptions then use that assessment. I am a teen blogger, not a doctor! Don’t take my advice before a professionals! 

1. Flannel > Wipes

‘Wet wipes made up more than 90% of the material causing sewer blockages that Water UK investigated in 2017,’


. If you’re still using wipes… snap out of it! Once they have gone through the drainage system, they will pollute the waters with impossible-to-fish micro-fibre plastics. Even if you are binning them, they go straight to landfill. Please choose a flannel! Some cheap flannels can be irritating to certain skin types, so if you suffer from acne or sensitive skin then do a bit of prior research. I bought mine from Wilko for a decent price, and wash after wash it remains the same softness.

2. Soap bar > Bottled cleanser

Simple have made soap-free soap which is gentle and cleansing to the skin. It cleans your face while also unblocking deep-buried pores. I have been brought up to cleanse my face this way and it’s so sensible. Make sure you’re using the right soap, though! My skin is sensitive but this works perfectly. However, if you suffer from severe skin irritability, use what the doctor prescribes you. My advice is purely guidance; please listen to your doctor!

3. Only use cruelty free products

As a vegetarian, bordering on vegan, I am incredibly passionate about this topic. Look for the cruelty-free logo. However ‘cruelty-free’ companies still have deeper mysteries to uncover. Go into complete depth by scanning their website, and even sending an email. Do not always be deceived by the outer packaging. The age-old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is relevant even for skincare.

4. Use less moisturiser 

If your doctor has prescribed you with something in particular and recommended a set dose, don’t listen to this one. However for those like me, who just wash their face to wash it, this one is so important. You need enough moisturiser to replenish oils stripped by the cleanser, and it’s a lesser amount that you’d expect (all dependant on the cleanser, but softer cleaners are so much better – more on that later) Moisturiser comes in an unescapable plastic tub so be cautious with the amount you buy/waste/throw away. Whatever plastic you own, treat it as gold. 

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5. Harsh chemicals < Gentle cleansers 

Okay, so like I mentioned, gentle cleansers are much better for you than harsh chemicals. From the skincare perspective, it’s about oils. Stripping oils causes them to come back quicker and stronger. Although it may seen counter-productive, those with oily skin should really opt for a gentle cleanser. Even me, who has in-the-middle sort of skin, uses a gentle cleanser. This is because when it goes down the plug hole, it won’t be as harmful as harsh chemicals. As is the case with many sustainable options, getting a chemical free soap that’s kind to your skin is so expensive. To be honest, I don’t know if it even exists. But we’ll make the most of what we have already provided and use gentle cleansers. Harsh chemicals go through that plug hole, out into the sea and kill wildlife. Just for the sake of looking trendy, with your witch hazel? Not worth it. Animals, plants, species die because of harsh chemicals. Please go for a gentler option, for the better of your skin and the planet.

Thank you for reading this post; it mean a lot to me that you want to save the planet. Keep trying your hardest, and let me know which of these swaps you are going to make right away. Find me on Instagram, my blog and stay up-to-date with my Plastic Planet series. It’s my way of sharing tips, advice and helping save the planet without the expense. Please consider taking a look, it would mean a lot to me. And, of course, mean a lot to the planet.

Stay safe,

erin x

Author of Kitty Jade

Thank you so much Erin! I loved all of your tips!! I also wrote a post for Erin’s blog which you can check out here on her blog ❤

Logging off, Millie x

4 thoughts on “5 Easy Sustainable Swaps To Make In Your Skincare Routine | Collaboration With Kitty Jade

  1. whatmegmeans

    I loved reading this post from Erin, so many little tips that I’ll definitely implement – especially the moisturiser one! Heading over to see your post now Millie xx

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  2. This collaboration has been in the works for a few weeks and I’m so happy to see it all published. Very proud of us both! Can’t wait to do this in the future. I love what you have written for my blog. Your writing style is very powerful. I’m confident it will inspire others to make a change. Take care, Millie. Happy weekend x

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