June Monthly Favourites!

Hello everyone! Happy Monday, I hope you all had a great weekend. Today I’m going to be sharing five of my favourite bits and bobs from June. I’ve tried to get an even mix on categories (such as fashion, lifestyle, sewing etc) so there should be something in there for everyone!

1. Fashionopolis By Dana Thomas

My mum discovered this book in a Waitrose magazine and she suggested that I buy it as it was, and still is, beneficial to my textiles coursework. I agreed happily and decided to buy the hardback version of the book as it was on sale! I also really liked the cover and thought it would make a good coffee table book once I’d read it. This book talks about fast fashion, consumerism and so much more! I love this book, it’s highly educational and it’s also very interesting. It’s definitely my favourite book of the month!


2. Chloé Nomade perfume 

I originally bought this perfume on my way to New York last year. I’ve used it consistently and it ran out a few weeks ago and so my parents kindly offered to buy it again for me because they know it holds sentimental value to me. This perfume smells of ‘New York’ to me and I couldn’t love it anymore, it transports me to my favourite place on Earth and I can still smell it at the end of the day.


3. My Apple Pencil

I’ve had my apple pencil for almost 3 years now and it is my favourite accessory! I use it a lot but I definitely have been using it so much more at home since lockdown began. I use it on my Ipad ALL of the time and it’s an incredible little tool to have. My favourite way to use it is on Procreate as I use this to make my thumbnails and any other titles you might see in my Youtube videos!


4. My Embroidery Scissors and Gutermann Thread

I love to sew as I’m sure so many of you know! I couldn’t make monthly favourites without including something sewing related. At the moment I have been loving the tiny embroidery scissors that I use for cutting threads! They are from John Lewis and they are just the most perfect scissors.

I’ve also been loving the white, 250 metres, Gutermann thread! This thread is polyester but it is the best quality thread I have ever used! It was quite an affordable price as well, I think it cost me three pounds! This thread is perfect for gathering, zig-zag stitching, and so much more. If you’re an avid sewer I really recommend this thread, it is also perfect for hand sewing!


5. My Pearl Headband

I’m sure so many of you have seen this headband in various photos on my Instagram! It is just the perfect accessory and it goes with anything! I love wearing this headband to spice up a casual outfit or to even just add to a nicer outfit. It photographs well and it just makes me so happy! Unfortunately, I don’t know where it was made as my Granny gave it to me but I know there are various dupes online. I really do love this headband, it is definitely my number one favourite accessory at the moment!


Thank you so much for reading today’s post! Please feel free to share some of your June favourites in the comments.

Logging off, Millie x

4 thoughts on “June Monthly Favourites!

  1. I love Gutermann threads! They’re so strong and great quality, I started with a value pack of hobbycraft threads but they kept breaking as they were thicker and thinner in places, I’ve been so pleased the Gutermann set I got for my birthday last year ☺️ I love your embroidery scissors and your pearl headband is so cute! My June favourites would have to be my Apple Pencil and Adobe Fresco as I’ve been using it almost daily for art, Simple Daily Detox Moisturiser, Ilse Delange’s new album Changes, and the Royal Ballet’s The Dream as I recently got it on dvd for research for a project 💛


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