I Tried The Vogue Challenge…

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first Sunday blog post, I hope you’re excited that there will be three blog posts a week instead of two. Today I wanted to hop on a trend that I have really been loving at the moment and that is… The vogue challenge!!!

This challenge is where you take editorial style photos that would be suitable for the cover of Vogue and then edit the word vogue on top, just like the magazine would! There have been so many that have inspired me and literally blown me away, so I decided to give it a go!

Those are a couple of my favourite ones! There are so many more that are just amazing though and I’ve been loving this trend. I decided to take my photos inside and against my wardrobe so I could focus on the actual garment.

I pulled out my ring light and put on some highlighter to just add some sparkle to the shoot. For highlighter, I used my old too-faced palette and used a pinkish tone that works really well as a highlighter! Then, I found an old red lipstick (I’ve lost my Clarins one) and put that on, all that was left was the outfit.

For the outfit, I’d seen lots of people using tulle to create interesting shapes. I didn’t have any tulle, but I did have a skirt that had tulle in it along with a shimmery layer on top. I knew that I was going to use that skirt. I put the skirt on as a strapless dress so that I was able to pull the tulle up around my face. I took some practice shots and tried a couple of different angles of lighting.

After these practise shots I took a couple of photos that I really like and so I kept playing with the tulle and I really liked how it looked! I then edited them using my preset on my phone and then, using procreate, I added the Vogue lettering in. Are you excited to see the final results? Here they are!



Thank you guys so much for reading this! I hope you found it interesting, I definitely had SO much fun doing this and I’m definitely interested in how I can make my photos more editorial and professional! 

Logging off, Millie x

4 thoughts on “I Tried The Vogue Challenge…

  1. I love this post! Your photos are stunning, professional and so inspiring! You are so talented Millie! 🤩 I need to give the tulle thing a try in my next photoshoot as I bought a bunch of net and organza for a costume 💛


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