A Change Of Heart

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well, I know that lockdown restrictions are slowly getting lifted here in the U.K so I’m sure you’re enjoying some more freedom! Today I want to share some changes I am making…

When I started this blog alongside my youtube, I wasn’t that inspired with it. It became another ‘thing’ to post on and I haven’t been really using it to my full advantage. I now realise that isn’t the direction I want to go.

I’m so lucky to have a following, no matter how big or small it is and I know you guys deserve so much more. I don’t want to make half-hearted content for you all. Wow, this sounds like I’m quitting blogging, don’t worry, that isn’t the case!

From this post onward I want to make more interesting content instead of half-hearted ideas and silly posts, I want to put my heart into it just like I do with instagram and youtube. I hope this excites you!

I’m also having a schedule change to post 3 times instead of 2! My new posting days are going to be: Monday, Friday and Sunday! I’m going to be brainstorming lots of ideas for Sunday’s post so I’m hoping that you can all see where I want to take this blog.

I’m still keeping the fashion niche, it’s still so important to me and I still have so much I want to speak out about in the fashion industry. Who knows, maybe I’ll post a couple of lifestyle posts here and there?

Logging off, Millie xx

4 thoughts on “A Change Of Heart

  1. Sounds good! Glad you are starting to enjoy producing content and I’m really excited about it. Lifestyle posts sound good alongside the fashion niche! They’ll compliment each other nicely. I’m not too educated on the fashion industry so this is going to be a learning point for me. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. I’ll always be here to support you. Take care, and good luck with our 10,000 step challenge! It will really be a challenge for me… Stay safe x


  2. Clara's Comfy Corner

    Hi Millie! I’m excited to see what new content you have coming (although I literally love everything that you post already)! I think it’s so important to have those moments of rethinking what you’re posting and if you’re truly loving it or else blogging can fall into a tiring routine. Also, as someone who is also interested in fashion design I would love to hear about what made you love fashion to begin with and how you started your design journey! Anyways, I’m excited to see what you have in store 🙂

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  3. daisys.cornerx

    so excited for your new content millie!! i completely understand this and will always support you! this is super exciting!! lots of love, daisy xo

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