Sewing Tips From My Sewing Friends!

Hello everyone! Todays post is a little different because I actually got some of my friends from my sewing gc to help with this post! I asked them all for a sewing tip (or two) to put up on the blog and they were all so thoughtful and kind! So, I hope you enjoy some sewing tips today hehe.

Penny // threadsforapenny

Penny is someone I met through my sewing group chat and all I can say is WOW!! She’s a fab sewer and she also crotches really really well haha.

“I think I would say mainly practice your stitching on a scrap piece of paper beforehand but also don’t be afraid to just go for it!”

Thank you Penny!! ❤

Ella // ellacharlottejones

Ella is a sustainable blogger who knows her stuff! She’s so kind and she’s a queen of thrifting and thrift flipping! She says no to fast fashion and she’s constantly inspiring!

“Always cut off less fabric thank you think when cropping/hemming clothes because once you have cut it off you can’t go back!!”

Thank you Ella – I know I’ve been guilty of this on numerous occasions! ❤

Sharon // halfsoybean

I met Sharon nearly a month ago on instagram and she initially added me to the sewing group chat! She’s such a talented seamstress, full of personality and just the loveliest person ever!

“My sewing tip is to always try and finish off raw edges in some way (zig zag stitch or other) even if you can’t see them and they’re on the inside of the garment. This adds longevity to the item, so that it is more likely to stay in your closet as something you can wear time and time. It helps the item look more professional too.”

Thank you Sharon – you’re a star ❤

Lottie // lottieonpurpose

Lottie and I met on the sewing group chat and we related over Top Model books and fabrics! She’s so lovely and such an interesting person!

“When sewing darts, don’t reverse stitch over the points of the dart but leave the threads long so you can tie them in a knot or two to secure it, then trim the excess thread. This leaves a cleaner and sharper point.”

Thank you Lottie! This is super helpful as I know my darts can be a little messy sometimes! ❤


Caitlin // caitlinkleineberg

I found Caitlín through a youtube video of hers that went viral! (she’s fab you definitely should sub) and I messaged her not expecting a response but I got one! She’s the loveliest person and so down to earth

“Maybe if people are just starting (sewing) then I would suggest filming yourself taking apart an item of clothing and put it back together (looking at how you filmed taking it apart and reverse it) to understand garment construction better”

This is such an awesome tip that I wouldn’t have come up with in a million years! Thank you lovely so much!! ❤

So that is all of the sewing tips for today! I hope you enjoyed reading these tips and meeting some of my sewing friends. Definitely make sure to go and check them out and follow them all – they’re super lovely !!

Logging off, Millie xx

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