Pattern Pieces and Hauls!

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all okay! This post is the second installment of my fashion design series where today we’re going to be talking about pattern pieces and I’ll do a little ‘blog’ haul for you all (can’t say I’ve ever done one of these so lets see how it goes aha)

So firstly, the haul… I mean I guess I can describe to you what I bought and then I’ll just insert pictures hehe!

So up first is my fabric, calico. Calico fabric is made from 100% cotton and is really quite a sustainable fabric (providing you get it in 100% organic cotton which I don’t know if mine is) The fabric is quite tough but due to the fact it’s cotton, that means it’s really easy to sew with! I ordered 5 metres of calico which is a lot more than I needed but I thought it might be good to have some spare.

Next up, we’re onto my pattern paper. I knew I wanted to make my own pattern pieces and so I couldn’t resist buying some of the proper pattern paper to try it out. I got the 110×115 pattern paper from Burda and wow! It’s such high quality and there is so much of it for such a small price. It cost £4.50 for a pack of 5 sheets which isn’t bad considering their size hehe!

After the haul, let’s talk about creating the pattern pieces! I’ve made a couple of corsets at school and so I knew the shape that the pattern pieces needed to be but somehow my brain went a little wild and I ended up with a pattern piece that was over 45 inches wide haha. Looks like I’ll be cutting that down soon!

When making the pattern pieces I followed the measurements I’d set out for myself (bust, length etc) which made it pretty easy to create the pieces. In addition, I found a couple of pattern piece pictures on the internet which was helpful! You can find them here. 

Title GIF.15120.Still003.png

After cutting out the top, I moved on to the sides and the back. Somehow I managed to make the back and the sides better than my front pattern piece! They all seem to be more cohesive than the front pattern piece so looks like I might need to redo that haha.

So, that was just a little rundown of the current situation on my designing project. I hope you enjoyed!

Logging off, Millie xx

6 thoughts on “Pattern Pieces and Hauls!

  1. grace ariya

    oooo millie, it sounds like you’ve made good progress!! each time you talk about it, i’m more and more excited to see the finished result!! all my love, Grace xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I find this post very satisfying! Can’t wait to see how it turns out. It seems to be off to such a great start and you will make an amazing job of it. Take care lovely 🙂


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